Who Is Orked


Hi there, I’m Farizah Zin a.k.a Orked from Batang Kali., Selangor, Malaysia. As a wife to my beloved husband, mum-to-be to my lil precious in my tummy, i would like to share it with you guys  all about my wedding preparation, my hobby and my passion!Currently, i’m updating my blog with my current hobbies and if you guys have some comments or interested in what i’m doing, u can email me or just sms for speed answer. Insya allah, i will be there for you.

email: farizahzin@yahoo.com  or sms: 012 3881284


One day, this name just cross my mind. ORKED or Orchids flower is the most popular flower among housewife.Why?Its easy to maintain and you don’t have to take care of it everyday. So, i don’t like to waste my time and i looove to see orchids flower. It have various colour and when you woke up every morning(PAGI), you will feel fresh and you can start your work with smile.That’s why, i named my blog as ORKEDPAGI!


4 thoughts on “Who Is Orked

  1. keep up blogging okeh !

  2. nadira says:

    hye dear..exchange link ya??

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