Its Another Blog la wei!

Yup.mmg  busy helping my mum doing the bunga telur.La,of course la bukan i yang wat.i just help her potong tuh potong nih jer.hehehe.i’m still busying doing the special card for my special friends and its limited to 200pax only!yeah (wish to post it here but xamek gambo la pulak). Anyhow, i just launch my new blog!!and its called

My First Entry

Ehm, basically will be story about my life shedule, apa yang terjadi in my life and i will share interesting articles, photography and for sure,not about my wedding because i already have one!!and orkedpagi will be my official wedding blog which i can share all information about, just type in WWW.FARIZAHZIN.BLOGSPOT.COM and be my followers!


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