Thank You Nestle! Yeeha..yup.i just won brazil jersey with pele signature.!!damn right.happy giler.Yela,unexpeced ok.

Citer dia camni.One day saje la gi anta peraduan MILO match & Win and grand prizes dia kasut bola. Benda dia simple je, u just grab 6 milo can and kumpul tab yang ade tulis “MILO”. pastu kumpul and matchkan flavour2 milo then hantar..kalu xsilaap i, da lama gak anta but baru last monday dia call and alhamdullillah FIRST PRIZES for WEEK 3.Gosh, ari rabu gi trus PJ ngan my bro in law and amek that jersey.

full frame of brasil jersey

cert of authenticity from pele

Owh, sgt happy! and now tengah tunggu contest yang lain. If ade rezeki before my wedding nih, alhamdullillah.!!


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