Project Oh Project

Now is 4.33am and saya di depan lappy doing my fyp for today presentation and u know what, saya orang first yang kene present.Haiyo.mmg bagus jadi leader rite?hehehehe.anyway,Kali ni saya nak story about my final year project. I will doing one prototype tool about the context aware. My project title is E-Fav Restaurant by using the context aware query and for your information this is PHD project ok!hahahaha.saya baru degree.anyway,my supervisor is PM Dr Hamidah Ibrahim which a very very nice, funny lecturer. Dulu saya ingat lagi time first semester, sanggup saya drop class dia (Discrete Structure) sebab tgk dia garang and strict but now when da 5 sem dengan dia,barula we all(all my classmate) knows that she is very2 understanding lecturer and she will help u if u xpaham.jumpe je personally and she will explain one by one.memang saya respect ngan dia!Oh,pasal FYP.nasib baik Dr Hamidah assign this pHD student dekat saya to guide me with this context aware.At first,saya xtahu pun context aware ni.hehehe,but when DR and ALI AMER ALWAN(pHD) explain to me what is context aware, barulah saya tahu and this project mmg something new yang saya belajar.anyway,skang saya nak sambung alek wat slide and hope to see u guys in next entry k! Oh ye, to all my classmate (Computer System),Good luck u ols.DO your best k!

p/s:walaupun sibuk ngan FYP,saya xlupe pasal design kad kawen saya.My mum just give me an idea about the decoration in front of the card and i kind of like it. saya terus beli ribbon ngan mak and disebabkan saya xmampu nak order hard cover card for my invitation card(yela,saya baru nak abes study and hard cover(usually 4 wedding kat hotel2 tu,yang tebal-tebal tu)sangatla mahal.around 8-15 ringgit i think utk satu kad and my invi guest is around 1300pax.xmampu.xmampu),so i decided to do by myself and jeng-jeng-jeng,i still looking for inside material.hehehe.nak cari kain baldu.ahaks.Nanti i try o do one full design and i show u ok???


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